Dental Services


Simply stated, we try to offer our patients the very best in comprehensive dental care. That includes: cleanings, fillings, root canals, dentures, crowns, dental implants, bridges, teeth whitening and all other forms of preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. We also offer specific dental care that includes Oral Surgery, Endodontic, Orthodontic, Prosthodontic and Periodontics services.

CEREC – One Visit Crown Restoration
We are excited to offer Cerec 3D porcelain crowns, the latest and most innovative crowns available. They are beautifully life-like and can be created in one visit. Dental crowns, onlays and veneers are also some of the most common tooth restoration options.

The Cerec 3D Cad/Cam technology utilizes high tech infrared camera to scan a 3 dimensional image of the prepared tooth into a computer. The dentist then designs a custom restoration, which is then sent to a milling station where it is milled from compressed porcelain in about 8 minutes.

The bonded restoration strengthens the tooth to its original condition in a highly esthetic way. This is truly the dental treatment of the future.

All-On-Four Procedure
This “All-on-Four” solution is attractive to patients wanting to get rid of their dentures, and to people with failing teeth in need of a full upper and/or lower restoration. This procedure, as the name implies, only requires four dental implants per jaw to support a fully customized set of replacement teeth. The entire “All-on-Four” treatment is completed while the patient is comfortably asleep using sedation dentistry, and the best part is that the procedure is painless and the patient receives their full set of replacement teeth in just 24 hours.

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